Incentive Policy

The Mint Surveys incentive & rewards program is owned by The ORU. If you register as a member on the Mint Surveys panel you agree to be bound by this incentive policy.

Survey Participation and Earning $AU Rewards

Mint Survey's members will be sent email invitations to participate in research surveys. Participation in any online survey is voluntary. For every survey you participate in you will receive $AU rewards. The value of the $AU rewards you receive will vary from project to project but is generally linked to the average length of time to complete the survey. Each survey invitation will include the estimated time to complete the survey and the rewards offered.

If you attempt to complete the survey but are screened out (i.e. you do not qualify for the survey) or we have reached our required quota (quota full) you will also receive $AU rewards points. Members will not receive any $AU rewards if they start a survey but fail to complete it (this does not apply to those who are screened out).

At the end of a survey you will prompted to enter your 10 digit membership ID. Members must enter their correct 10 digit membership ID details to obtain their $AU Rewards.

We ask you keep a copy of your 10 digit membership ID handy so you can be allocated the rewards owed to you. Mint Surveys is not responsible for members who enter incorrect membership details and are not subsequently awarded their reward points.

$AU Rewards will be awarded directly after your survey participation .To view your current balance of reward points and equivalent $AU value please select 'Your Rewards' on the Mint Surveys website. You will need to enter your login details to access this information.

Members are responsible for notifying Mint Surveys if they believe rewards have not been properly awarded to them. If Mint Surveys is aware of any errors or technical problems that have denied you from earning rewards owed to you we will contact you and award you the appropriate rewards. Rewards cannot be transferred to other persons or panel members.

Redeeming your $AU Rewards

One reward point collected is the equivalent to 10 cents (Australian currency dollars). Once you have accrued $20 worth of reward points you are able to redeem your $AU rewards. All $AU rewards are given to you in the form of Coles Myer Gift Cards. Gift Cards will be posted to you and will be received by you within 28 days of redemption. Mint Surveys will usually send you an email asking you to verify your address details.

Gift cards can only be sent out in the following denominations $20 / $30 / $50 and $100. For Example, if a member has accrued the equivalent of $45 in reward points they can redeem a gift card to the value of $40 and the remanding $5 will remain in their account until sufficient funds have accumulated to redeem another gift card ($20). $100 gift cards will be sent via registered post. We ask you provide a secure mailing address. Replacement cards or cards sent to an address that may have previous reports of lost cards may also be sent via registered mail, inactive and will require confirmation of delivery before they can be used.

In the interests in ensuring your gift card is sent to the intended recipient Mint surveys reserves the right to send inactivated gift cards via registered post.

If your account is inactive for 12 months your account will close and your rewards will expire.

Missing rewards and replacement cards

Gift Cards will be posted to the specified mailing address and should be received by you within 28 days of redemption. Please check your address details are accurate & current prior to finalising a redemption.

In the event that the card has not been received please contact us via email and we can investigate.

If a card is reported not received or stolen we will need to check with our suppliers the status of the card before we can issue a replacement. Where possible we ask you provide an alternate, secure mailing address if sending a replacement card.

Please note, replacement cards or cards sent to an address that may have previous reports of lost cards will also be sent via registered mail, inactive and will require confirmation of delivery before they can be used.

In the case there are numerous reports of cards not received or lost and supplier records indicate the card has been spent we may refuse to send any future rewards to that address.

Rewards & termination of your membership

If you no longer wish to be a member of the Mint Surveys panel and unsubscribe you need to redeem your rewards first. Members who unsubscribe from the Mint Surveys panel will not be contacted by Mint Surveys in relation to any rewards they have not redeemed. Termination of membership will not result in cancellation of all accumulated rewards but it is the responsibility of the member to contact us in regard to redeeming their reward. Standard policies of redeeming your rewards apply.

If you wish to unsubscribe from our online panel please email us at

Survey points and fraudulent activity

To be entitled the points for survey completion we expect panel members to answer surveys honestly and not skim through survey without consideration to responses. We also expect respondents do not continually access old and expired survey links to award themselves points for surveys that are no longer active.

Membership is limited to one account per person. household and panel members cannot create accounts using multiple email addresses. At this stage membership is also limited to one member per household unless approved by Mint Surveys.

Mint surveys conducts regular data checks that may include reviews on data quality, survey completion time, panel members with multiple accounts and inappropriate awards accrual. Panellist may be forcibly removed if we detect fraudulent behaviour.

We may change this Notice

Mint Surveys may, from time to time, review and update this incentive policy to take account of new laws and technology and changes to company operations. Please visit this page periodically, to check for updates. Your continued participation in our panel after the effective date of any changes will constitute your acceptance of all of the changes.

Other incentives.

From time to time Mint Panel members may have the opportunity to enter The ORU’s $5,000 cash prize draw for their survey participation. Click here to read the full terms and conditions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To receive your gift card before the Christmas break please redeem your card no later than Friday December 12th. We will endeavor to ensure any gift cards redeemed prior will be sent and received on time for Christmas. We appreciate your patience and understanding.